The complex device sector moves fast.

So should its support.

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Our Results

First Call Resolution
Retention Profits
No Fault Founds
Agent Handling Time
Customer Satisfaction

*Actual results demonstrated by our clients

All LucidCX products are designed for ease-of-use by non-experts and enable seamless navigation throughout all the processes and channels your staff and customers need.

Customers easily self-serve, and support staff have all the information and tools they need at their fingertips.

Our products integrate easily with your existing systems and are designed to be customisable to suit each client’s unique business needs.

Our Solutions

Interactive Product-Knowledge Library

LucidCX’s Knowledgebase is a comprehensive and interactive product-knowledge library and underpins all our information functions.  

Knowledgebase has a single central source of information, resulting in consistency and accuracy of information, and ease of translation and customisation.

Device Simulations

A virtual representation of a device. LucidCX’s simulations cover typically 1400 – 2000 screens and allow the user to free-roam through the device at will. We also allow the users to search through the content of the device and provide path finding to show the fastest way to any given screen.


LucidCX’s easy-to-use Troubleshooter is tailored to each customer’s specific device, and sets out step-by-step guides to solving problems. Integrated simulations allow the user to view the exact steps required. Troubleshooter is available in both Self-Help and Agent versions.

Returns and Repairs Avoidance

LCX Returns and Repairs Avoidance is a complete end-to-end repair booking, tracking and management solution.  Its simple booking system allows easy matching of specialist staff against available slots by agents or customers. Pre-screening ensures that all returns are valid, and combined with LCX Diagnostics, it can reduce No Fault Founds by up to 55%.


LucidCX offers sophisticated diagnostics capable of identifying and solving problems before they become an issue. It can be either pre-loaded directly on the device, or via a downloaded link, and results sent to the call centre. Our diagnostics function scans and provides resolutions for hundreds of potential problems.

Deal Calculator

LCX Deal Calculator is a state-of-the-art tool that allows advisors to create individual deals for each customer – resulting in the best possible deal for both you and your customers. LCX Deal Calculator increases retention and guarantees profitability.

Personal Training Plans

LCX Personal Training Plans educate your customers and staff  by providing bite-sized chunks of learning from first steps to advanced functions. Plans are personalised per user and device. Gamification and badges encourage progress.

Extensive Answer Library

This extensive answer library covers both common questions and unusual ones to ensure maximum customer service coverage. Articles are kept up-to-date and relevant.

Device Comparison

LCX Comparison is a device-finder and comparison tool that allows users to instantly compare between different devices with highlighted differences and benefits.

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