Google’s Project Treble to speed up Android updates

/Google’s Project Treble to speed up Android updates

Android updates can be a headache for customer support.  Take the Samsung Galaxy A3, one of the best-selling devices of recent years. A customer could have anything from the original 2014 version on KitKat, to the latest 2017 model on Marshmallow which is expected to upgrade to Nougat within the next few months.

The screens and steps can change substantially, and your customer may need a different answer depending on the specific version they have. Add in that the updates roll in at different times by manufacturer, region, and network and it can get very messy. A single update can render support content out-of-date overnight.

We keep track of OS updates at LucidCX so that we can provide the multi-OS support that customers need, but a common frustration for customers is seeing that their device still hasn’t received a particular update when it’s been widely available on a different network or different region for some time.

That’s why Google’s announcement of Project Treble, which they’re calling “the biggest change to the low-level system architecture of Android to date”, is so very interesting.  The idea is that Android O will be modular, keeping the vendor interface separate from the updated OS framework, and that will then allow updates to go out so much faster.

It remains to be seen exactly how much this will impact Android updates (it’ll only be on devices shipped with Android O, not those updated to it), but it’s certainly going to mean that Android updates are going to speed up. And that’s going to make a lot of customers happy.