Ericsson’s 2015 Mobility Report highlights the change coming to the sector

/Ericsson’s 2015 Mobility Report highlights the change coming to the sector

Ericsson have just released their 2015 Mobility Report and it makes for fascinating reading. We’ve posted before about how it is essential that businesses are ready for the huge changes and demand coming in the next few years, and the numbers in their report confirm what we’re seeing.

Here’s a peek at some of that data. You can find the full report here.

We’re already seeing big increases in data traffic but it’s nothing compared to what people will be consuming in another five years.  Much of this will be driven by video which is expected to grow 55% annually through 2021.

traffic-forecast data traffic


There are more mobile subscriptions than people in the world, and twenty new subscriptions are added every second.

The Internet of Things and increases in device use and traffic are going to have hugely disrupting effects on the industry. We know that change is coming, but not all customers do. The right kind of support is going to be essential in the coming decade.

connected things

Ericsson also has some interesting numbers showing the surge in data traffic and downloads the first few days after a device switch. Another reason to ensure that the right support is in place at the right time.

device switch

The full report is worth a read to anyone interested in the impact to the industry in the next five years.

We’re ready for change and so are our clients. Are you?