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LucidCX Case Study:

A leading UK MVNO needed to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The long-established incumbent provider was well regarded, but the MVNO wanted to test the market for state of the art support. After an extensive vendor selection process, LucidCX’s solution was selected to take to trial.

Despite using non-technical support teams,  the call centre and webchat teams operated the LucidCX agent-facing solution with less than an hour’s training and were taking calls on the first day.

Almost immediately, the non-technical team were resolving over 85% of technical support calls without the need for 2nd line support.

LucidCX were then adopted as suppliers of the solution, the FCR rate is still going up and we have been rolled out across retail and the web.

Making instant experts of non-technical call centre teams

Teams operational with an hour’s training

85% FCR at outset, 95% after four weeks

Substantial drop in NFFs through diagnostics

High volume usage on customer facing website